Hi I’m Louise, Head Noodle

I taught myself to crochet about ten years ago when I couldn’t find a knitting pattern for little flowers, just tons of crochet ones. Through the wonders of YouTube I picked it up pretty quickly and a new obsession was born! Years later, after working a soul-less office job and daydreaming of a more creative industry, as well as acquiring a beardy man, two cats a little dog and a couple of kids, I am now the proud owner, designer and chief coffee-maker at Chilly Noodle.

Now, ironically for someone who works with yarn everyday, I’m actually super sensitive to wearing wool against my skin. (I know, right?!) So one of THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects of this business for me is getting the right yarn. It has to be super duper soft. I only want the best for you guys! No scratchy wool here 😀


We are currently updating our store if you need to get in touch please do so via our facebook page. thank you Dismiss